Greetings from EuCAP 2019 – In Search of the Optimal Dielectric Constant

For 13 years, EuCAP has provided a forum for the exchange of scientific and technical information in the Antenna and Propagation field. In addition to enabling the exchange of information and access to the latest developments through guest speakers and paper presentations, the conference features exhibitors demonstrating software, equipment, and technology.

Premix booth and Business Manager Victor Heinänen and RF Technology Manager Jan Järveläinen ready for action on the first exhibition day.
Premix booth and Business Manager Victor Heinänen and RF Technology Manager Jan Järveläinen ready for action on the first exhibition day.

This year, the event was held in Krakow, Poland March 31-April 5. As usual, our RF Material Team packed their bags and hit the road to greet the familiar faces and meet some new ones. Premix’s RF Technology Manager, Dr. Jan Järveläinen, attended the conference sessions and presented his poster on “Characterization of mmWave Radomes for Base Stations and Automotive Radars” while our Business Managers Victor Heinänen and Marco Wass were discussing with the customers at the exhibition booth.

As Marco is the latest addition to the team, this was his first trade show with the Premix gang. So, let’s hear it, what was it like? Which way the wind is blowing in the antenna scene?

- I have to say that I was impressed by this event and the great success we had there. We had delightfully busy days at the booth and a nice mix of old acquaintances and new faces.

3D printing was one of the most popular topics, especially among the academic visitors. What seems to be trending in 3D printing is printing multiple Dk’s in one design. In addition, many visitors would welcome even higher permittivity filaments (from εr 12 upwards) to gain even more flexibility in antenna design. And yes, they will be in our portfolio shortly!

One of our customers gave us a challenging but a very interesting target: a material with infinite dielectric constant.

Also, a material with permittivity near zero would be fine to have for testing. This is something we hear a lot – and keep pushing our R&D colleagues developing materials close to solid air!

And what about Jan, any interesting discussions at your poster session?

- I had several inspiring conversations both with the conference attendees and booth visitors. These days, antenna miniaturization is of huge interest – but obviously not at the expense of antenna efficiency. Thus, many visitors were intrigued by high-permittivity mmWave lenses with a matching layer. Due to my paper topic there were also many discussions concerning radomes and how they could be optimized.

If you missed the event, or would like to continue discussions with our experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also meet the team in other events during the year, such as IRS and IMS in June and EuMW in October. Read more!

You may also be interested in the Scientific publications including PREPERM®. Please have a look at the section Journal articles and conference papers for more information!

The team brought a nice souvenir from EuCAP: we are now admiring 3D printed Eiffel towers in our office, printed out of PREPERM® filament and placed on the PREPERM® radome. Thank you for the samples Drs. Henry Giddens and André Andy from Queen Mary University of London!

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