Shanghai IME (International Microwave Antenna Exhibition): Focus on mmWave, Microwave, Terahertz and 5G frequency band

The 12th China International Microwave Antenna Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai at the end of October. Compared to previous IME shows this one was clearly focusing on high frequency -  mmWave, Microwave, Terahertz and 5G.

November 30, 2017 | Exhibitions and conferences

The show hosted 60 high quality technical symposiums with well-known keynote speakers and provided a platform for over 5200 professional visitors to share and exchange their thoughts on the latest technology development. The visitors were also cherished by 230 exhibitors from 14 countries. I can tell that the air was thick with cutting edge technology!

New innovations hold a huge potential - and set high requirements for materials

The IME show also highlighted the fact that the world is changing exponentially with all kind of innovative ideas and implementation. Particularly the upcoming high frequency applications, such as 5G , autonomous vehicles, IoT etc. hold a huge potential. To be a top player in these games, ultra-low losses and tailored dielectric constant is needed. PREPERM® material - with its stable dielectric performance over wide frequency range from 1G up to 220 GHz and extremely low signal losses - beats the existing materials in many new applications, such as the 3rd generation security scanner and the weather radar.

And the demand for even higher frequencies and higher dielectric constants keeps on growing. We will keep you posted on the technology development on this blog and our Twitter account, make sure to follow!  And if you are an RF designer, you might want to bear the word PREPERM® in mind – you can’t avoid bumping into it in the future.

Xisheng Cong

Sales Manager, B.Sc (electronic material), M.Sc (optical fiber communication), MBA (project management and marketing)
I have a long working experience in a global telecommunications company. Understanding cultural differences is one of my strengths.  I am constantly searching for new business opportunities for high frequency material  and always willing to take up new challenges. My passion is to develop the optimal solution together with the customers - which makes them happy and satisfied!

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