Premix Exhibiting at MET Research Day 2019

Premix’s electrically conductive and dielectric plastics are showcased to the representatives of Medical and Health Technologies at MET Research Day on 29th of November.

November 21, 2019

Tampere University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology organizes the annual Research Day, which brings together researchers from the fields of clinical medicine, biomedicine and biomedical sciences and engineering. Premix is happy to be present at this event exhibiting its electrically conductive and dielectric plastic materials for the health technology and wellbeing industries.


PRE-ELEC® Electrically conductive plastics
Premix’s electrically conductive materials are widely used for example in In Vitro Diagnostics ensuring precise measurement. They enable liquid level detection and an accurate analysis. Premix’s PRE-ELEC® TPU in turn is an excellent choice for wearable electronics or other sensor applications due to its high conductivity and excellent chemical resistance. And when it comes to minimizing and preventing ESD risks in hospital and other healthcare environments, Premix offers PRE-ELEC® compounds for static control. They can be used for example in transmission hoses for medical gases, conductive fibers and groundable, non-charging plastic components.

PREPERM® dielectric plastics
The dielectric constant of the human body is high. Therefore, the imaging devices need to be adaptive in high dielectric constant. With PREPERM®, you can easily produce even complex and large high-precision parts and have tight tolerances in material characteristics. The thermoplastic PREPERM® material enables accurate imaging and is suitable for various health technology applications, such as body and vital signs monitoring or tissue imaging.

Premix representatives Eira Kärjä and Outi Härkki are happy to network with researcher, students and exhibiting companies in MET Research Day.

“We have identified various use cases within the health technology applications where our materials can really make a difference. We are looking forward to discover more new opportunities with you!”, say Eira and Outi.

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