Looking for some colour? New colours added in the PREPERM® Standard range!

June 13, 2019

Previously, we have had some coloured sheets in our product portfolio. Now, we have added colour to our granules as well. The standard PREPERM® grades cover a wide range of dielectric constants. Often, you need to have more than one Dk in a product. To make it easier to separate different dielectric constants from one another, we are presenting a full range of coloured granules, one colour for each Dk.

Coloured or not, you can rely on the same, proven quality you have come to expect of us. Our standard grades have very stable dielectric performance and low losses, and they can be injection molded, extruded and machined easily.  Our standard grades are also ROHS compliant. Colouring does not have a significant effect on any of the material product properties.

Coloured grades are available on request. Please contact our Sales for more information and add some colour to your life!

Grade Dielectric constant Color
PPE300COL 3.0 Yellow
PPE320COL 3.2 Pink
PPE350COL 3.5 Blue
PPE400COL 4.0 Peach
PPE440COL 4.4 Green
PPE500COL 5.0 Purple
PPE650COL 6.5 Grey
PPE800COL 8.0 Light pink
PPE950COL 9.5 Light blue
PPE1200COL 12.0 Lilac

See the whole PREPERM® Standard Grade portfolio. 

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