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Greetings from EuMW 2018 – the Place to Be if You Have Anything to Do with Microwave, mmWave, Wireless Technologies, Antennas or Radar

Oct 2, 2018

If you are in RF, you’ve probably heard the four letters EuMW. EuMW is the perfect chance to get an insight into the current and future of the microwave sector….

How to Save Billions of Dollars and the Environment in 5G

Jul 4, 2018

5G is around the corner, that’s for sure, but certainly not without considerable investments. With the right material, you end up saving money and energy plus gaining coverage. And as…

Snow cover monitoring Pedro Fidel Espin-Lopez

Saving Lives Is a Tough Job – But a 3D-printed Variable-infill Antenna Can Do It

Jun 1, 2018

White powder snow glittering in the sun. Miles of slopes ahead. Anyone who’s ever skied in the Alps (or any other mountain for that matter) knows the thrill. And what…

PREPERM PEEK high temperature plastic

PEEK – The Heavy Hitter of Plastics

Apr 26, 2018

When you enter the fascinating world of plastics, you start by being either frightened or amused by the names of different types of them. For example, try to say “perfluoroalkoxy…

PEEK high temperature low dielectric loss portfolio

The new PREPERM® PEEK high temperature, low dielectric loss product portfolio launched

Mar 23, 2018

Product release The new product family is a unique combination of high ɛr, very low losses and outstanding thermal stability. Our new high temperature product family is called PRERERM® PEEK…


Jan 31, 2018

Product release Extremely low losses, good mechanical properties and heat resistance, endurance with vibration. Combining these benefits with cost-efficiency makes PREPERM® screws an excellent replacement for PEI or PEEK screws….

Santa’s wish list

Dec 18, 2017

It’s the holiday season again. The air is filled with wishes and anticipation. If an RF designer wrote a list for Santa, what would it look like? As a mother…

Shanghai IME

Nov 30, 2017

Shanghai IME (International Microwave Antenna Exhibition): Focus on mmWave, Microwave, Terahertz and 5G frequency band The 12th China International Microwave Antenna Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai at the end…

EuMW2017 – It’s all about that autonomous 5G-car you’ll be driving

Nov 8, 2017

Conferences give you a quite honest status report of the state of technology. In the European Microwave Week 2017, with a total attendance of over 5000 microwave enthusiasts, a lot…

5G Will Light Up Your Alley

Nov 2, 2017

Can you already see it – the astonishing shadow of 5G approaching behind the corner? Moving faster than light and carrying data larger than the moon, the next-generation mobile communications…