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Extremely low losses, good mechanical properties and heat resistance, endurance with vibration. Combining these benefits with cost-efficiency makes PREPERM® screws an excellent replacement for PEI or PEEK screws.

January 31, 2018 | Trends and innovations

Plastic screws are used as functional components in many applications in the telecom industry – in RF filters, RF combiners, antennas, you name it. Where and how can you use them? Check out a few examples and share us your own use case!

Trasparent fastener
PREPERM® screws make an excellent transparent fastener in filters, printed circuit boards or radar elements.

What makes PREPERM® so superior compared to other materials?
Metal screws have a negative effect on the component’s performance. Using metal screws may result in signal leakage or disturbance. As PREPERM® is a transparent material, the signal won’t be corrupted, and these problems are avoided.

Compared to most commonly used plastics, e.g. PEI, PEEK and nylon, PREPERM® stands out at least in three different fronts: losses, water absorption and price.

PREPERM® losses are ultra-low. We could almost go with zero losses, but as we want to be precise, let’s call them infinitecimal. PREPERM® is also free from impurities, since we use only virgin material and not regrind. And when it comes to water absorption, PREPERM® is in a league of its own. Compared to PEI and PEEK, our customers also value PREPERM®’s competitive price, lower ɛr and resilience. PREPERM®’s resilience is  especially important if your application is exposed to vibration. In comparison to ceramic screws, PREPERM®’s shock-resistance and dimensional tolerances are excellent and weight loss can be up 35-40 %.

Tuning element

Need to tune your filter with a specific dielectric constant? We have already several customers using PREPERM® screws as tuning elements. The ultra-low loss PREPERM® screws have almost no effect on the signal performance. We currently offer the screws with a controlled ɛr of 3, and soon also other permittivities are available. Contact our friendly sales to discuss about your preferred permittivity!

To put it short, with PREPERM® screws you get low losses and controlled permittivity – at a competitive price! Our product portfolio is constantly updating, stay tuned (pun intended) for more news on PREPERM® screws!

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