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The new PREPERM® PEEK high temperature, low dielectric loss product portfolio launched

The new product family is a unique combination of high ɛr, very low losses and outstanding thermal stability.

March 23, 2018 | Trends and innovations
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Our new high temperature product family is called PRERERM® PEEK and it is positioned between 7 and 12 in the dielectric constant spectrum. The high ɛr combined with very low dissipation factor and outstanding thermal stability makes PREPERM® PEEK an excellent material for high frequency applications when the products are used in harsh conditions.

How often do you see high dielectric constant combined with high thermal stability without compromising either one?

We know it is not rare to have a material with high dielectric constant or with high thermal stability. However, how often do you see these two properties combined so that neither one is compromised in any way? PREPERM® PEEK is available in four different ɛr: 7, 9, 10, and 12. With an unloaded continuous use temperature of 250 °C and short-term max. temperature of roughly 300 °C PREPERM® PEEK is suitable even for certain lead-free reflow soldering processes.

Its mechanical properties and chemical resistance are at excellent level and the flammability classification is V0. And what really puts the finishing touch to PREPERM® PEEK compared to competing materials are its very low losses (0.002). PREPERM® PEEK is an excellent material for military applications, radars, electrical components, high frequency connectors, filters, screws, phantom materials etc.

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