Santa’s Super Sleigh of the Future

It’s that time of the year again when Santa and his crew are getting super busy! As we all know, Santa lives in Korvatunturi, a mountain in the Finnish north pole. As a Finnish company, we consider it our duty of honour to do everything we can to make Santa’s work easier. This year, we decided to join our forces and write Santa a list of suggestions of how to equip his sleigh with some super-cool and future-proof accessories!

December 18, 2018 | Trends and innovations

Tuomas, the head of our RF Materials Team, is a little worried about the screws in the sleigh – can they withstand the heat caused by Santa’s fairly fast way of travelling? Santa’s crew might want to consider replacing them with PEEK screws.

As Santa is a very busy man, Tuomas is certain that he would want to make the most out of every minute he spends in the sleigh.

Some airlines already treat their busy passengers with in-flight WiFi, how about Santa’s sleigh?

If you don’t have it, we might have a trick or two in our sleeves for that, too!

Hannu, our Operations Manager, is in charge of keeping our stock shape operations up and running in China. He is used to travelling, too. Perhaps all this time in airplanes made him think of a transponder to give Santa a real-time location and flight log data. The transponder can be supplemented with a Flightradar app to see where Santa is going at the moment. Surely all the children of the world would give anything to get their hands on this information… As we know, the hours can be long on Christmas Eve!

Business Manager Marco stands behind our company purpose: Making a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics. He would like to add a high frequency radar to observe even the smallest and fastest objects that may collide with the sleight, reindeer or Santa himself. As it happens, we recently wrote a few lines on this subject on our blog, in case you are interested in technical details.

Back row: Ella Leppikangas, Anna Hokkanen, Hannu Kukkonen Front row: Victor Heinänen, Outi Härkki, Tuomas Kiikka, Ville Mylläri, Niko Merivirta, Jan Järveläinen

Jan, our RF Technology Manager and R&D Laborant Ella are both concerned for the wellbeing of Santa’s reindeers. Jan thinks Santa’s reindeers would need wearables to monitor their fatigue and send real-time data to Santa. Ella takes this idea even further – she wants to design an autonomous robot reindeer! When one of the reindeers gets too tired, he can be temporarily replaced with a robot.

Jan has one additional accessory to add, too. According to Jan, the sleigh would definitely need a roof. See, we’re not just selling our products here, we’re in this for greater good!

Senior R&D Manager Anna would add RFID tags in all the gift parcels to make sure everyone gets the right (and deserved) ones. High precision “Naughty or Nice” radar would help the elves to get the correct information, even last minute. RFID tags and “NoN” radar are connected, so the RFID tags always have up-to-date info for Santa.

Watch out guys, with this accessory added, being nice is a never-ending challenge!

Our Marketing Team is constantly fuzzing about social media. They would give Santa a Twitter lesson.  Imagine the amount of chimney images we would see with Santa live-tweeting from the sleigh! #supersleigh #christmaseve #santasjourneys

So, dear Santa, please feel free to take advantage of these ideas and let us know if you need any help with them! We are happy to send you some samples of our materials and help you in designing the prototypes. This is our gift to you and we don’t want anything in return. Although we don’t mind if you make a note that we have been super kind this year…


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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