EuMW 2017 – Europe’s largest tradeshow dedicated to Microwaves and RF in Europe

The exhibition will offer its exhibitors an unrivalled opportunity to present products, technological developments and form relationships with relevant and interested spectators including academics, professionals and industry figureheads. It also offers a forum for discussing trends and exchanging scientific and technical information.

EuMW 2017

08.10.2017 - 13.10.2017

Nuremberg, Germany

Premix staff at the event
Jan Järveläinen, Outi Härkki, Victor Heinänen


It's competition time at stand 193!

How many PREPERM® screws are in the jar? Take a guess and you may win a box of PREPERM® filaments!

The competition runs at our stand up till 4 p.m. on Thu 12th Oct.


You can also participate on Twitter.

The winner will be informed by e-mail. The personal data you provide when submitting your entry will be processed in order to administrate the competition. We may also use this information to contact you to inform you of our product updates or other news items. We will not provide this information to a third party without your permission. Premix will on its own initiative, or at your request, replenish, rectify or erase any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data.


Take a sneak peak to the future of PREPERM®!

PREPERM® screws

Extremely low losses, good mechanical properties and heat resistance, endurance with vibration. Combining these benefits with cost-efficiency makes PREPERM® screws an excellent replacement for PEI or PEEK screws.

Plastic screws are used as functional components in many applications in the telecom industry – in RF filters, RF combiners, antennas etc.



PREPERM® PEEK is a special PEEK-based compound whose dielectric constant can be tailored between 3 and 15.

A low dissipation factor (0.002) combined with outstanding thermal stability and chemical resistance makes PREPERM® PEEK an excellent material for high frequency applications requiring, e.g,. a reflow soldering process.

PREPERM® PEEK is available in many grades and optimized for injection moulding.
Applications include military applications, radars, electrical components, high frequency connectors, filters, screws and phantom materials.


PREPERM® filaments for 3D printing

The portfolio of our 3D filaments is unique. It consists of ABS filaments whose dielectric constant are tailored between 3 and 10. The relatively low dissipation factor 0.004 enables rapid prototyping of complex geometries.


Meet us

Dr. Jan Järveläinen

Business Development Manager, D.Sc. (Tech)
I take care of new business opportunities, such as 5G, radars and EMI shielding, and try to solve challenges related to customer applications. I am also passionate about material measurements, tech blogging and marketing. Previously I have worked as a researcher at Aalto University studying mmWave propagation for 5G scenarios.

Outi Härkki

Sales Manager, Lic.Tech. (Chem. Eng)
My background is in polymer technology; material development and plastics processing. My role in the HFS team is strong sales orientation for the benefit of the customer. Every client has fascinating new products and interesting business. Each working day can be a learning experience towards deeper understanding how high-performance plastics are enablers for a better world.

Victor Heinänen

Sales Manager
M.Sc. (Chem. Eng), B.Sc. (BA & Econ.) My background is in chemical engineering and business development. I aim to understand my customers’ needs holistically to deliver them a best-fit solution. Even though I am in sales, I try to under-promise and over-deliver. Let’s #makehappen!

PREPERM® on stage at MicroApps on Tue 10th Oct at 13:00 hrs

Improving mmWave Radar Performance With Ultra-Low Loss PREPERM® Materials