EuMW – European Microwave Week 2018

EuMW tradeshow is dedicated to microwaves, RF, wireless and radar applications. It includes a 3-day exhibition, 3 conferences over 5 days, associated workshops and exhibitor workshops & seminars.

EuMW 2018

25.09.2018 - 27.09.2018

Madrid, Spain

Premix staff at the event:
Victor Heinänen, Outi Härkki, Jan Järveläinen


Materials Matter - Especially in 5G! 

You are warmly welcomed to join our our two presentations at the MicroApps Seminar presented by RF Technology Manager, Dr. Jan Järveläinen and Business Manager, Mr. Victor Heinänen. 

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Why you need new dielectric materials to succeed in the 5G race?

Dr. Jan Järveläinen, RF Technology Manager
Tue Sep 25, 15:30 hrs

To obtain the envisioned 1000-fold capacity increase of next-generation wireless networks, 5G needs many new frequency bands, smaller cells as well as denser frequency reuse. These requirements put totally new demands on the materials used in the base stations and mobile devices.

Since the material losses increase with increasing frequency, it is not crucial to consider the dielectric losses on Sub-6 GHz frequency bands, but this is not true at mmWaves. A high- and low-loss material, which at 2.4 GHz might give almost the same performance, will be very different at 70 GHz in favor of the low-loss material.

The frequency reuse necessitates improved MIMO antenna systems, which in turn needs materials with stable and tightly controlled dielectric properties as well as consistent performance in all use conditions and good moldability. To achieve this, accurate processes are required in quality control and in characterization of the dielectric properties. Also, material properties at mmWaves is mandatory when designing RF components at these frequencies.

In this presentation, effects of material losses are shown in very concrete ways via industrial examples.


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5G profitability: How to convince your boss to pay for premium RF materials?

Mr. Victor Heinänen, Business Manager
Thu Sep 27, 10:30 hrs

With 5G right behind the corner, it is no surprise that it will not come for free. Upgrading the network infrastructure to be 5G compatible will require annual investments of several hundreds of billions of euros for Europe alone. This requires a solid business case and services for which 5G users are prepared to pay.

When evaluating the investments for the entire network, we should never focus on the cost of a single base station. Although a cheaper material will save you a few bucks in one antenna, the decreased RF performance will cost you much more as there might be a need for a larger amount of base stations, or larger energy consumption. Material choices will also affect the manufacturing costs, as well as the infrastructure lifetime costs.

In this presentation, the benefits of optimal material choices are made concrete through industrial examples.

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Meet us

Victor Heinänen

Sales Manager
M.Sc. (Chem. Eng), B.Sc. (BA & Econ.) My background is in chemical engineering and business development. I aim to understand my customers’ needs holistically to deliver them a best-fit solution. Even though I am in sales, I try to under-promise and over-deliver. Let’s #makehappen!

Outi Härkki

Sales Manager, Lic.Tech. (Chem. Eng)
My background is in polymer technology; material development and plastics processing. My role in the HFS team is strong sales orientation for the benefit of the customer. Every client has fascinating new products and interesting business. Each working day can be a learning experience towards deeper understanding how high-performance plastics are enablers for a better world.

Dr. Jan Järveläinen

Business Development Manager, D.Sc. (Tech)
I take care of new business opportunities, such as 5G, radars and EMI shielding, and try to solve challenges related to customer applications. I am also passionate about material measurements, tech blogging and marketing. Previously I have worked as a researcher at Aalto University studying mmWave propagation for 5G scenarios.