IMS 2018 – International Microwave Symposium

IMS 2018, the International Microwave Symposium is the preeminent annual gathering of the RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave researchers, technologists, and practitioners from academia and industry. The IMS is the flagship conference of the Microwave Theory & Techniques Society (MTT-S) of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics engineers (IEEE).

IMS 2018

10.06.2018 - 15.06.2018

Philadelphia, USA 

Premix staff at the event:
Outi Härkki, Tuomas Kiikka


Impact of Low-loss Materials in mmWave Applications: From Material Characterization to Industrial Cases

Premix's Business Development Director, Mr. Tuomas Kiikka will hold a presentation

Impact of Low-loss Materials in mmWave Applications:
From Material Characterization to Industrial Cases

in the MicroApps Seminar, booth 1457, on Tue June 12th at 13:15-13:30 hrs.

We welcome you to the presentation and to our booth 449! 

In 5G, mmWave is a prerequisite for high data transfer and low latency. 5G applications, such as mmWave radars and wireless communications, need carefully chosen materials in radomes and other functional components to guarantee both mechanical and electrical requirements. PREPERM® is developed to address the requirements of RF applications offering consistent material performance in all conditions. In this study, we will present RF performance data up to 220 GHz as well as robustness in extreme environmental conditions. In addition, we will present industrial customer cases which highlight the importance of proper material selection.

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Meet us

Outi Härkki

Sales Manager, Lic.Tech. (Chem. Eng)
My background is in polymer technology; material development and plastics processing. My role in the HFS team is strong sales orientation for the benefit of the customer. Every client has fascinating new products and interesting business. Each working day can be a learning experience towards deeper understanding how high-performance plastics are enablers for a better world.

Tuomas Kiikka

New Business Development Director, M.Sc. (Tech)
I am the man behind the innovation of PREPERM® material. Solving challenges together with the customer gets me going. For us at Premix, nothing is impossible. I live for a challenge! And I am always challenging my team to over-exceed customer’s expectations.