IMS 2019 – International Microwave Symposium

IMS is the world’s largest microwave and RF industry trade show including technical sessions, workshops and panel sessions, MicroApps sessions, and the Exhibitor Workshops. It is a gathering for professionals buying and developing materials, devices, components, and subsystems, as well as design and simulation software and test/measurement equipment for products at RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and THz frequencies. Welcome to Premix's booth to see our ultra-low loss, dielectric PREPERM® plastic materials.

IMS 2019

04.06.2019 - 06.06.2019

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Premix staff at the event:
Tuomas Kiikka & Marco Wass

Premix booth:


PREPERM RF Materials for Wireless Communications and Radar technology

PREPERM® dielectric materials improve the efficiency of RF applications by minimizing internal signal losses. Constant, customized dielectric properties and ultra-low loss makes PREPERM® an excellent construction material for antennas, radars, connectors, cables, filters, waveguides and resonators.
Maximize your RF Performance with PREPERM®:

- Optimal RF properties
- Well-controlled dielectric constant range 2.55-23
- Ultra-low loss even at mmWave frequencies
- Stable performance even up to 220 GHz

In addition to high-quality RF materials, we offer you easy prototyping and production services. One of our latest game-changing solutions are the high volume SatCom solutions, including the low CTE dielectric materials!

Meet us

Tuomas Kiikka

New Business Development Director, M.Sc. (Tech)
I am the man behind the innovation of PREPERM® material. Solving challenges together with the customer gets me going. For us at Premix, nothing is impossible. I live for a challenge! And I am always challenging my team to over-exceed customer’s expectations.

Marco Wass

Sales Manager, M.Eng.
I am an experienced sales professional with a long track record in international sales in the telecom sector. I want to use this experience for the benefit of our customers and help them find the perfect solution to all their RF material needs!