Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about us and our material!


What is the CTE [x/y/z] of PREPERM™ products? Linear CTE Alfa is 60-70 micrometers per Kelvin and Volume CTE is 3 times alfa
Which film thicknesses do you provide? Please contact our Business Managers for detailed information.
Where can I find technical product details? Read more here.
Is PREPERM a thermoplastic or thermoset? Thermoplastic - which means it can be processed with injection molding or extrusion processes.
What are your bag sizes? Standard sizes are 20 kg or 25 kg/bag depending on the density of the product - Read more here.
What is the temperature stability of PREPERM (use temp)? Heat deflection value is a good indication of the highest short temperature stability. Read more here.
What is the weight of PREPERM? Read more here.
Is PREPERM ROHS, conflict mineral, and REACH compliant? Yes
What is the mold shrinkage of PREPERM? Typically 0.3-1.0. Read more here.
Is PREPERM brittle? PREPERM is less brittle than ceramic materials although more brittle than neat polymers. The higher the dielectric constant the more brittle the material becomes, although Premix's polymer expertise can be utilized to customize the special grade to fulfill most of the requirements.
What is the εr tolerance? Typically 2-3 %. Read more here.
Is PREPERM flame-resistant? Depends on grade – special grades with a V0 UL94 rating can be offered. Contact sales/R&D, when needed.
What is the dielectric strength of PREPERM? Please contact our Business Managers with detailed parameters for more information.
Do you have foams? This is currently under evaluation.
Do you have absorbers? No.
Does PREPERM have glass fibers? Normally no - can be added if needed in the application. Glass fibers tends to have a bad impact on RF performance and should not be used.
What is the thermal conductivity of PREPERM? For PPE260 the thermal conductivity is 0.2 W/mK. As the dielectric constant increases, also the thermal conductivity increases. For PPE950 the thermal conductivity is 0.7 W/mK.


Can PREPERM be injection molded? Read more here.
Can PREPERM be CNC 'd/machined? Read more here.
Can PREPERM be painted? Read more here.
Can PREPERM be glued? Read more here.
Can we use regrind in our process? Mechanical properties are not significantly changed, but a risk of contamination exists. This is not recommended by Premix.
Does PREPERM work in 2K or insert molding? Yes.
Have you measured porosity? Parts made from PREPERM are not porous when the injection molding or extrusion process is done correctly.


Are dielectric parameters of PREPERM 3D filaments available at higher frequencies? PREPERM 3D filaments are characterized from injection-molded samples at 2.4 GHz. (Read more here.) A few grades have also been characterized at mmWaves, such as ABS450 showing a dielectric constant of 4.5 and a loss tangent of 0.008 at 28 GHz. ABS1200 is estimated to have a loss tangent of 0.005 at 28 GHz.


Does PREPERM enable etching? PREPERM material withstands chemicals used in etching. Please note PREPERM material does not come with copper surfaces.
Does PREPERM withstand SMT / reflow? PREPERM PPE -series can withstand low-temperature soldering (maximum 180C set temperature). PEEK and LCP -series can withstand the high-temperature SMT process
Do you support roll-to-roll films? Yes.
Which metallization methods are possible? Conductive inks, sputtering, vacuum metallization, various laser printing methods.
Is it possible to produce a PCB or FPCB from PREPERM? Single or multilayer? PREPERM is a dielectric material without a metal layer. Metal layers need to be added in post-process with some metallization technology.
How good is PREPERM's adhesion to metals? Generally, the adhesion is quite good but for many applications, the PREPERM A-series is recommended to maximize it.


I wish to be your distributor, how do we proceed? Please contact  our Business Development Manager Marco Wass
Do you have a distributor in my country? Please contact  our Business Development Manager Marco Wass for the list of our distributors
Which countries do you have representatives or sell directly to? Please contact our Business Managers for country-specific, up-to-date information.
What is your lead time? Please contact our customer service for details.
What are the delivery costs? The delivery costs of granule products are based on volume. Please contact customer service for details.
Do you provide free samples? Please see our website for available products and prices.
Are we able to purchase ready-made components of pieces directly from you? Yes. We can offer a solution based on your request.