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Radome Testing Made Easy

New PREPERM® sheet kits are optimized for 77-79 GHz radars and 28/29 GHz 5G applications. Both kits are now available in Webshop!

Premix Exhibiting at MET Research Day 2019

Premix’s electrically conductive and dielectric plastics are showcased to the representatives of Medical and Health Technologies at MET Research Day on 29th of November.

The Impact of 3D Printing Process Parameters on the Dielectric Properties of High Permittivity Composites – Article Released on Nov 5th

Premix and Loughborough University conducted a study determining the optimum printing strategy for high permittivity PREPERM® 3D filaments.

PREPERM material for LuxTurrim5G project

Second Phase of LuxTurrim5G Project Kicked off – Premix involved as RF Material Expert

The LuxTurrim5G+ moves on to a second phase, preparing the smart light pole concept for productization. Premix is involved as RF material expert.


New PREPERM® flame retardant grades launched!

The latest addition to the PREPERM®portfolio is the FR series. These new flame-retardant grades cover dielectric constants from 2.65 to 12 and they have a V0 or V1 UL94 rating.

Looking for some colour? New colours added in the PREPERM® Standard range!

Previously, we have had some coloured sheets in our product portfolio. Now, we have added colour to our granules as well. The standard PREPERM® grades cover a wide range of…