Prototyping Services

Get your prototype within weeks!

Are you in the early stages of your product? We help you to create prototypes to make informed product decisions!  

Prototyping is the first step of a long term, sincere partnership. We are the prototyping partner you can trust with your valuable design and product concept in full confidence. Along with your team, we make your ideas concrete - and deliver your prototype within weeks of order.

Team up with us and let's make sure your product will make it to the real world with great RF performance and mechanical structure!

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Our concept of business is exceptional - offering you help from idea to mass production with a short time-to-market. This is how it works:


From design to prototype

In the launch of a new product, time-to-market is crucial. When turning an RF simulation into a high-quality product, prototyping is the first step bringing you closer to the market by ensuring your idea and design are viable. We have excellent capabilities and strong resources to support you with all the steps from design to mass production. Through a qualified network of highly professional partners, we offer everything you need: from design to protype optimization and after approval phase to mass production.

We are here to help you with any RF applications requiring dielectric materials. 3D-printing services, CNC machined parts and stock shapes are our daily business. Our preferred partners use state of the art equipment like laser cutters, water jets, CNC mills and a suite of 3D printers to make functional prototypes.

We are your global one-stop-shop: we manage your project all the way and team you up with the best partners.


What is included?

  • A prototype made exactly to your specifications
  • Guaranteed material & mechanical properties and part dimensions
  • A quotation within 3 working days (with complex parts it might take longer)
  • Dedicated team with altogether over 40 years of experience in prototyping and a skilled network of manufacturing professionals
  • 100 % confidentiality

Your benefits

  • Avoid mistakes & save time and money
  • No communications with many different companies - we are your one-stop-shop
  • No need to invest in expensive equipment
  • Expertize-as-a-service, no need to learn CNC parameters
  • 100 % of the prototype price will be reimbursed during mass production series

Ready to start?

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