Team up with us in prototyping and production

We offer metallizing and finishing services through our collaboration network according to your specifications.

Let's make your prototyping and testing as easy as it can get. The same applies to ramp-up and production.

PREPERM® services

Time is money in development process. Today we do not only tailor PREPERM® RF materials but offer them also in the shape and form our customer desires.

We supply the parts in the desired form from stock shapes to metallized antenna constructions. Both for rapid prototyping and production.

Preperm prosessianimaatio_2 looping

PREPERM® painted parts

When visual appearance matters, painting puts the finishing touch to the part.

Painting is also an excellent way to improve the UV resistance of products in outdoor applications.

We will assist you with all the questions related to painting of PREPERM® products. We can also connect you with top-notch painting service providers.

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Did not find the shape or size you were looking for? In that case send your message even sooner. Our sales team is happy to serve you for special material requests.