"PREPERM®’s outstanding dielectric performance and exceptionally low losses improved significantly the image quality in our 3rd generation visual imager SimImage-MD-02A."

Dr. Wu Liang from Xin Ying Science and Technology


Xin Ying Science and Technology


Security scanner


Fast and accurate security scanning

Premix’s material innovation enables faster and more accurate security scanning technology in Xin Ying Science and Technology’s three-dimensional SIMImage™ -human scanners.

The global need for monitoring and ensuring people’s safety has created a growing demand for fast and accurate security scanning. This applies to the aviation and railway industry as well as government and other high-security facilities, not to mention protecting human lives from security threats in mass events. To meet this demand, Xin Ying Science and Technology and Premix proudly present the SIMImage™- MD-02A.

Significant improvements in capacity, resolution and scan range

The SIMImage™ is a millimeter wave active imaging system with a scan time of 2 seconds and throughput of 400 persons per hour, whereas a conventional device scans roughly 100 persons per hour. Besides the larger capacity, the scan resolution and scan range of the SIMImage™ are substantially better, making it the winning solution for security scanner needs.

The technological innovation behind the better visual image is based on Premix’s unique PREPERM® material solution.  PREPERM® replaced the old PMMA based radome material due to superior properties: It has ultra low loss and a very constant sheet quality in terms of dielectrics. Thanks to the new material, the SIMImage™ image quality is close to X-ray, but without the harmful effects for the human body. Dr. Wu Liang from Xin Ying Science and Technology gives credit to the collaboration:

Premix was the only material supplier who was able to offer the solution matching our needs. The extruded PREPERM® sheet with customized dielectric properties matched exactly to our specification.


See the difference?


Scan image with PMMA radome technology

Dielectric loss: 0.002


Scan image with PREPERM® radome technology

Dielectric loss: 0.0009


Optimized radome performance is an outcome of the right combination of thickness and dielectric ratio

Team up with us! Let’s optimize your radome design.


Optimal radome thickness calculator

Adjust frequency and ɛr below to calculate optimal radome thickness.

1.27 mm
2.54 mm

Optimal radome thickness is n times half the wavelength, where c is the speed of light, f is the frequency, ɛr is the dielectric constant and n=1,2,3...


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