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Injection moulding enables compact 3D designs and cost-efficient mass-production


What is injection moulding?

With injection moulding production process you are no longer stuck with 2D designs. Not to mention the considerable savings of time and money achieved with this automatized mass-production friendly process.

Thermoplastic PREPERM® materials are easily processed with conventional plastics processing method. This is one of the key factors behind the statement "best-fit material". Injection moulding enables easy and fast production of complex 3D shapes and sizes. Antenna designs are no longer limited to 2D dimensions - the only limits are set by the imagination.

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process where a part is manufactured by transferring molten plastic into a mold and cooling it down. It is most commonly used to process thermoplastic polymers. Thermoplastics are highly suitable for injection moulding because of the ease with which they may be recycled, their versatility allowing them to be used in a wide variety of applications and their ability to soften and flow upon heating.

3D challenge of the traditional HF materials

Producing 3D shapes with traditionally used high frequency materials is somewhat complicated. Ceramic materials are sintered and mechanically processed to 3D shapes. The production is time consuming and sintered ceramics are typically brittle.

Thermoset materials are often used in planar circuit board structures, since mechanical machining is the only way to make 3D shapes out of thermoset materials. This is complex and time consuming not to mention the non-recyclable material waste generated.

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Thermoplastic PREPERM® provides a solution

Injection moulding process generates intricate and precise shapes with high repeatability

Mass-production of up to millions of parts per mold

Complex 3D shapes produced in a single processing step

Cycle time from 5 seconds to a couple of minutes

Multicavity molds – possibility to produce 1 – 128 parts with one shot

Superior thermoplastic PREPERM®

Injection molding is the right choice for cost-efficient and high-tolerance production of parts with excellent dielectric performance

Extremely low dissipation factor (down to 0.0005 @ 1 GHz)

Easily customized dielectric constant to customer requirements

Dielectric constant stable over wide frequency range

"Savings of time and money are considerable compared to processing methods used with thermosets and ceramics"

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