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mmWave radars - the most reliable radar sensor technology

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The Colony research project develops the most reliable radar sensor technology

Autonomous machinery, vehicles and robots will play a significant role in our future. The reliable and safe operation is vital for any autonomous applications – the radar sensor must function perfectly under all circumstances. The currently used sensor technologies, such as ultrasound, 3D cameras and laser scanners have their drawbacks; they are unreliable especially in bad weather conditions. mmWave radars, however, are able to detect targets even in dark, rainy, foggy and dusty environments.

Sometimes it is essential to protect the radar with a radome, either for visual, safety or protective reasons. In order not to disturb the radar functionality, much is required from the material of the radome. There is no room for losses or signal projections.  The ultra-low loss PREPERM® solution protects the radar without disturbing the signal. PREPERM®'s isotropicity and stable dielectric properties together with carefully monitored product quality makes it the ultimate choice for any radome.


Robots will play a significant role in our future.

PREPERM® — a proven performance also at millimeter wave frequencies

Currently, Premix’s PREPERM® material is used in an on-going Colony research project. The project aims at developing an affordable and small radar for autonomous applications. The project is funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Premix’s ultra-low loss PREPERM® is used in the radome of the radar. Got interested? Visit Tekes' Colony project page!

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In addition to radomes, PREPERM® is also the optimal choice for lens material in radar technology applications. Want to know more? Check out the story of Lufft’s weather station!

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