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Nonthabure, Thailand - August, 02, 2016: Lego star wars repairing computer motherboard.The lego Star Wars mini figures from movie series.Lego is an interlocking brick system collected around the world.

Miniaturize your design with PREPERM®

The higher the dielectric constant, the smaller the design

Premix’s PREPERM® material is involved in an on-going research project 5WAVE, funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The aim is to develop new millimetre-wave radio front-ends for 5G cellular network access and backhaul connections. In this project different platform technologies are studied in order to find the ones suitable for commercial high volume manufacturing.


Better gain, smaller design

As a part of this study, the current material used in a beam forming lens was replaced with PREPERM®.  Once rexolite material (ε= 2.55) was replaced with PREPERM®= 4.4), the size of the lens could be significantly diminished. The measurements showed that a slightly better gain was achieved with the PREPERM® lens although it was only 3/4 of the height of the rexolite lens.


The  PREPERM® lens is 3/4 of the height of the rexolite lens. Lens design by Aalto University.

PREPERM® — Only the imagination sets limits to the product design!

PREPERM® benefits

  • Retains its excellent dielectric performance and ultra-low losses even at millimeter-wave frequencies
  • The dielectric properties can be adjusted at exactly the desired level
  • The material can be injection moulded

Want to know more about the 5WAVE project?

The target of the project is to  design integrated antenna and transceiver sub-systems, which provide a fast and wide angle range beam-steering and yet maintain good power efficiency.

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