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Premix’s PREPERM® is the right solution for 5G mmWave applications

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The next generation mobile networks are already on our doorsteps

The current technologies can't cope with the future requirements for data speed and signal sensitivity. 5G can — with its download speed of up to 10 gigabits per second.

The increased need for data capacity and the growing volume of connected devices require more base stations and higher frequencies. In the end, this all comes down to antenna technology. The antennas need to be unnoticeable, steerable and precise, not to mention energy-efficient with ultra-low losses. Premix’s PREPERM® is the right solution for high-class 5G applications. The dielectric measurement data up to 220 GHz indicates that the dielectric properties of PREPERM® are stable and not dependent on the frequency. PREPERM® solutions enable faster, safer and more reliable connections.


PREPERM® — a proven dielectric performance also at mmWave frequencies

PREPERM® benefits for 5G technology

  • Customized dielectric constant
  • Lowest losses at mmWaves compared to any materials in the market
  • Optimized material properties
  • Isotropic material
  • Fast and efficient mass-manufacturing

PREPERM® offers solutions for multiple 5G applications

  • Small cell networks
  • Point-to-point antennas
  • Radomes and radars
  • Lenses
  • WiGig

Can you already see it – the astonishing shadow of 5G approaching behind the corner? Check out our blog post on 5G!

mmWaves build safe and ultra-connected societies​ 

Safe and ultra-connected societies are not born by themselves - and certainly not without any challenges. How do we overcome the challenges with the right material choice?

Energy consumption

5G requires a high density small cell base stations network, which requires cost effectiveness and low operation power.​ In this, material homogenity and dielectric losses are of essential importance.

Fast and reliable Gigabit Wireless

Low losses are mandatory in WiGig since the in-room WiGig products will operate in 60 GHz frequencies.  Low loss PREPERM® materials enable the most reliable link between mobile device and computer.

High resolution and reliability

The extreme reliability and high resolution are necessities for traffic safety and security applications. mmWaves provide perfect solution as long as the material losses have been minimized.

Antenna gain in mmWave backhaul
Narrow directive antenna beam reduces interference and allows the reuse of the frequencies on different nearby regions while minimizing reductions in communications speeds.

Isotropic material with stable dielectric properties and ultra low loss enables best antenna performance.


Optimized radome performance is outcome of right combination of thickness and dielectric ratio

Team up with us! Let’s optimize your radome design.


PREPERM® radome thickness calculator

Adjust frequency and ɛr below to calculate optimal radome thickness.

1.27 mm
2.54 mm

Optimal radome thickness is n times half the wavelength, where c is the speed of light, f is the frequency, ɛr is the dielectric constant and n=1,2,3...


Check out what we have accomplished together with our partners

Premix is actively developing 5G material solutions in several 5G projects lead by leading European universities and research institutes.
Check out the 5WAVE project for example!

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