PREPERM™ materials for automotive and industrial radars

Millimeter-wave frequencies put the performance of RF materials into a real test.

New technologies put pressure on the materials

Millimeter frequencies put the performance of RF materials into a real test. PREPERM™ is an excellent choice for mmWave radomes due to the low dielectric constant and ultra-low losses. Other benefits include e.g. high level of isotropy, low water absorption and excellent mechanical properties even in arctic conditions.

We are used to being surrounded by technology. While approaching 2020, we've grown accustomed to our cars assisting us when driving thanks to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Our cars are equipped with automotive radars to detect any obstacles coming in our way while parking or changing lanes. When we talk about self-driving vehicles, this is taken to another level.  A fundamental requirement for safe and autonomous driving is several sensors of various types. Sensing data acquired by radars, LiDAR and cameras are combined with GPS, V2X and 5G to create very detailed real-time maps so that cars can do their micro path planning, select lanes and avoid obstacles.

PREPERM is used in automotive radar antenna covers, radomes, emblems and bumper windows. Benefits of PREPERM™ compared to commonly used materials include a longer beam length and wider beam scanning angle.

As for industrial radars, our ultra-low loss PREPERM™ material is an excellent choice for different kind of level detection applications used in e.g. process industry, silos and automated warehouses. We provide solutions also for industrial machinery, consumer electronics (gesture recognition), rain droplet analyzers and for applications identifying  moving crowds in different surroundings. This was just to mention a few possibilities. Contact us with your request!

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RF performance combined with moldability

PREPERM™ radome grades have excellent RF performance. They are available in black (RB) and sand (RS) colors, with different  properties such as high impact strength (HI) and flame retardancy (FR).

PREPERM benefits

  • 25 degrees wider angle & significantly longer beam length compared to current materials
  • Isotropic material - no glass fibres
  • High impact strength
  • No warpage


Better gain, smaller design

PREPERM grades have stable and well controlled dielectric constants from 2.6 up to 23. With higher permittivity you can reduce the size as well as the weight up to 40 %.

PREPERM™ benefits

  • Stable and controlled dielectric constant - from 2.6 to 23
  • Very low losses even at mmWaves
  • Can be injection molded or machined
  • Significant size and weight reduction


Lower losses, water absorption and price

Millimeter-wave radar collision prevention systems can be mounted behind the vehicle emblems. PREPERM™ is not only compatible for this purpose, but you can achieve up to 20-40 % longer beam length compared to currently used materials, thanks to its ultra-low losses.

PREPERM™ benefits

  • No warpage
  • 13 % weight reduction
  • Low water absorption
  • Flame resistant

Optimized radome performance is an outcome of the right combination of thickness and dielectric ratio

Team up with us! Let’s optimize your radome design.


Optimal radome thickness calculator

Adjust frequency and ɛr below to calculate optimal radome thickness.

1.27 mm
2.54 mm

Optimal radome thickness is n times half the wavelength, where c is the speed of light, f is the frequency, ɛr is the dielectric constant and n=1,2,3...


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Premix and Pavia University have collaborated on manufacturing a 3D printed antenna for an innovative microwave radar, predicting snowpack stability.

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German weather sensor technology company Lufft uses PREPERM® in its radar rain sensor, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement of precipitation quantity.

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