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3D Printing Revolution

PREPERM® is a perfect match for 3D printing technology

Traditionally, prototyping has been carried out by mechanical machining. However, this is complex, slow and generates material waste.

The 3D printing technology constructs objects as successive layers. It is a one-step process and can generate complex internal structures. It significantly simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces material waste. Furthermore, 3D printing can create perforated structures that are difficult to achieve by machining due to the mechanical strength of the material.

WiFi in airplanes

In-flight broadband puts pressure on antenna technology

WiFi in airplanes is not something new. As we all know, the services can be painfully slow though. The new satellite-based WiFi services promise to tackle this challenge and provide faster connections, better capacity and improved coverage - even over oceans.


Premix's serviceability concept

Making our customers' lives easier

At Premix, everything we do aims at making our customers happy. When the customer has an idea, he usually likes to verify it as soon as possible. Our job is to make the customer's product concept phase as fast and easy as possible.

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