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Premix's serviceability concept

Our passion is to make materials that matter - and to make our customers' lives easier

Helping customers with rapid prototyping services

At Premix, everything we do aims at making our customers happy. Sometimes it might take quite a lot of effort, but we are not known for giving up. However, what we are known for, is our curiosity. When we see an opportunity, we grab it – and when we see an opportunity to help our customer, we take it.

Almost every day we receive a sample request from our customer. Customer has some wild and groundbreaking – sometimes crazy even - idea which he would like to verify as soon as possible. In a fast-paced world the cycle time from development to market needs to be short. Simulation won’t do the job in verifying the concept as the customer needs something concrete to demonstrate the actual result. So how can we help the customer and engage in his product concept phase?

This is where our rapid prototyping serviceability steps in. Premix's serviceability concept is all about full range of semi-finished products, which includes rods, sheets, films, blocks and 3D filaments etc. in different shapes and formats.  All of them can be tailored in terms of dielectric constant. Pick the perfect PREPERM® blocks for your antenna – just like in the magic world of lego blocks.



PREPERM® material is also a perfect match for prototyping with 3D printing. In a recent research project, a dielectric Fresnel lens developed by Loughborough University was made with 3D filament. The different dielectric materials were printed nicely by a 3D printer and the prototype sample worked as expected. The test results show that the beam through 4 different materials is working perfectly.  Without this kind of service, it would not be so simple and easy to prove the simulated result.

Optimization of RF performance is every RD design engineer’s target. We know that even the tiniest change can make a difference. Our service concept relies on the fact that we are dedicated in tailoring the dielectric constant of our ultra-low loss PREPERM® material. Our passion is to make materials that really matter– the ones that really make a difference in customers' products or processes.


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