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Connected with WiFi in the sky

In-flight broadband puts pressure on antenna technology

Faster connections with satellite-based WiFi services

WiFi in airplanes is not something new. As we all know, the services can be painfully slow though. The new satellite-based WiFi services promise to tackle this challenge and provide faster connections, better capacity and improved coverage - even over oceans.

The ever-growing demand for faster connections naturally puts pressure on satellite capacity but also on the aircraft’s antenna technology. The antenna on the top of the airplane is steered to stay pointed at the correct transponder on the satellite in order to enable the undisturbed use of internet.


By choosing ultra low loss PREPERM® for the antenna, our customer was able to significantly improve the antenna performance. The customer combined two different PREPERM® materials with customizable dielectric constant for optimal antenna design. Thanks to the lightweight and injection mouldable material, the antenna is now also lighter and easy to mass-produce.  Hundreds of happy customers and even more to come ­–  PREPERM® is happy to be a part of this success story!

PREPERM® benefits for the customer

Excellent antenna performance with ultra-low loss material  

Optimal design thanks to customizable dielectric constant

Savings in fuel consumption due to lightweight antenna

Cost savings because of easy mass-production

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