The isotropic and low loss PREPERM® is an excellent choice for the Health Technology industry

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The dielectric constant of the human body is high. Therefore, the imaging devices need to be adaptive in high dielectric constant as well and manufacturers tend to select suitable ceramic materials. Ceramics are not the only material choice, though. PREPERM® material is a perfect match for many application areas within the Health Technology industry.

Did you know that ceramics can be replaced with certain plastic compounds to gain other benefits, such as uniformity, homogeneity and easy manufacturing? The isotropic and ultra-low loss PREPERM® is an excellent choice for the Health Technology industry. With PREPERM®, you can easily produce complex and large high-precision parts and have tight tolerances in material characteristics​. We offer a wide variety of stock shapes in different shapes and sizes, from small batch sizes to mass production.


Where can you use PREPERM® in Health Technology?

PREPERM® application areas:

  • Body monitoring
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Cancer and tumor imaging
  • Tumor treatment

PREPERM® benefits

  • Low dielectric losses enable accurate imaging​
  • Good temperature resistance and minimal water absorption​
  • Non-brittle material and chipping resistance
  • Cost reduction compared to using ceramics
  • Allows large size and complex designs
  • Size reduction of components, thanks to ​high dielectric constant

Fast and accurate body monitoring

In the area of body monitoring, we have been involved in enabling accurate and safe imaging system together with our customer Microsystems.

PREPERM® material innovation enables faster and more accurate security scanning technology in Microsystems’ three-dimensional SIMImage™ -human scanners. PREPERM® material was chosen for Microsystems' revolutionary security scanner due to its superior qualities. Thanks to PREPERM®, the SIMImage™ image quality is close to X-ray, but without any harmful effects for the human body.

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PREPERM® PEEK - the heavy hitter of plastics

One part of our PREPERM® product family is PREPERM® PEEK. The high ɛr combined with very low dissipation factor and outstanding thermal stability makes PREPERM® PEEK an excellent material for high frequency applications when the products are used in harsh conditions. PEEK’s heat resistance makes it an excellent material for example for sterilizing medical equipment in high temperatures. In addition, it has other properties, that make it an attractive alternative for the medical sector: it is biocompatible, durable and strong as well as resistant to high energy radiation. Even a new skull can be made of PEEK. You can read more about this in our blog post.



Check out the PREPERM® PEEK screws!

PREPERM® PEEK screws combine excellent RF properties, very good mechanical performance and outstanding thermal stability.

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