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Game changing solutions for mobile networks

The ultra-low loss PREPERM® material is the superior choice for mobile networks


How do you make an antenna to stand out? By combining Premix’s ultra-low loss PREPERM® material with CellMax’s groundbreaking technology. That’s how.

A conventional antenna radiates only 45-75% of the power from the base station. CellMax has managed to reduce the power losses within the antenna to  4% with its unique technology and Premix’s PREPERM® material. CellMax antennas are superior in performance and set a whole new standard in network design with improved coverage, spectrum efficiency and customer experience.

Phase shifters of the future

Modern base stations need electrically steerable antennas in order to serve the users efficiently. Especially in future mmWave networks, beam steering is a must-have as the base stations should be able to cope with severe blockage due to people and vehicles. Accurate beam steering requires phase shifters with high quality and low losses.

A few years back, a customer within the network and telecommunications industry replaced the material used in their phase shifters with PREPERM®. The improvements in the performance were remarkable.

Cell phone antennas on a red and white tower