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A story of combining unique material with unique technology

Superior performance in Antennas

How do you make an antenna to stand out? By combining Premix’s ultra low-loss PREPERM® material with CellMax’s groundbreaking technology. That’s how.

A conventional antenna radiates only 45-75% of the power from the base station. CellMax has managed to reduce the power losses within the antenna to 4 % with its unique technology and Premix’s PREPERM® material. CellMax antennas are superior in performance and set a whole new standard in network design with improved coverage, spectrum efficiency and customer experience.

Benefits of PREPERM®

  • ultra-low losses
  • constant, customized dielectric properties
  • injection moldable
  • consistent high quality

Want to know more about Cellmax and the most efficient antennas ever? Please see the video.


Increased coverage, reliability and data speed

This unique combination of Premix’s PREPERM® material and CellMax’s technology benefits not only operators but also end-customers with increased coverage, reliability and data speed.

Premix and CellMax have decided to deepen their co-operation and extend the product combinations also to other materials within the PREPERM® product family. We can’t wait to find out what our next joint innovation might be!

Want to know more about CellMax and the most efficient antennas ever? Please see the video or visit the website.

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