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Phase shifters of the future with PREPERM® material

Better performance with ultra-low loss PREPERM®

A few years back, a customer within the network and telecommunications industry began to search for a replacement of PEI plastics used in their phase shifters. The customer was not fully satisfied with the performance of the material, especially the dissipation factor. Also the  price  of PEI gave grey hairs for the customer. Therefore, we were more than happy to introduce the ultra-low loss PREPERM® material to them.  

Replacing PEI with PREPERM® was straight-forward. We were able to utilize the same molds and the dielectric constant was matched to customer specification. The customer received a significantly better performance due to a lower loss tangent of PREPERM® as well as a substantial cost benefit compared to PEI.

Cell phone antennas on a red and white tower

The customer took a giant leap to becoming number 1 in its market segment and we are happy to be a part of yet another success story! Are you ready to take your leap?

Benefits for the customer for replacing existing material with PREPERM®

  • Low and stable dissipation factor over a wide range of frequencies – even at mmWaves.
  • Proven solution for demanding 40 GHz connectors, tested up to 220 GHz.
  • Customized dielectric constant
  • Cost-efficient in mass manufacturing
  • Negligible water absorption
  • Good mechanical properties in low temperatures
  • Higher flow in injection molding than PEI

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