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The price of launching new satellites is dropping as rocket launches are becoming mundane. This enables new satellite-based services. Satellite communications can provide stable communication capabilities for conditions inoperable for other forms of communication, such as aerospace, maritime and other moving vehicles. It is an ideal way to cover large distances so it can be used in rural areas, too, or as a back-up for mobile networks - and not forgetting the GPS systems.

Whether we are talking about portable satellite terminals or stationary land stations, their material requirements are alike: reliable, low loss materials with low manufacturing costs, light weight and the ability to form complex shapes. Very directional antennas with a beamwidth of less than 0.2° are usually needed.

Well, here’s the good news: with PREPERM™ you can have all the above mentioned! Whether you are looking for a lens, radome, polarizer, substrate, fasteners or a helical antenna we are happy to accept your challenge. Our offering covers it all, from top quality material to prototyping services and stock shapes in different shapes and sizes.  From idea to mass production as quickly as possible - that’s what we are here for.




PREPERM™ low-loss antenna substrates improve the antenna bandwidth and gain compared to common materials. Feasible form factors can be obtained even below 1 GHz with high permittivity materials.

PREPERM™ benefits

  • Wide range of dielectric constants up to 23
  • Cost reduction due to the lighter weight and injection moldability
  • Tight batch-to-batch tolerance

Lenses and DRAs

PREPERM™ grades have stable and well controlled dielectric constants up to 23. High-permittivity lenses are beneficial in high-gain applications while keeping the size reasonable. 

PREPERM™ benefits

  • Stable and controlled dielectric constant - from 2.6 to 23
  • Ultra-low loss material maximises the antenna performance
  • Mass-producable by injection molding or machining

GPS patch antennas

PREPERM™ combines high permittivity with very low losses and water absorption. Unlike ceramics, PREPERM™ patch antennas are not brittle and can be mass produced by injection molding.

PREPERM benefits

  • High permittivity with low loss
  • Reduced weight compared to ceramics
  • Mass production friendly

Faster connections with satellite-based WiFi services

The new satellite-based WiFi services promise to provide faster connections, better capacity and improved coverage - even over oceans. The ever-growing demand for faster connections naturally puts pressure on satellite capacity but also on the aircraft’s antenna technology. The antenna on the top of the airplane is steered to stay pointed at the correct transponder on the satellite in order to enable the undisturbed use of internet.

By choosing ultra-low loss PREPERM™ for the antenna, our customer was able to significantly improve the antenna performance. The customer combined two different PREPERM™ materials with customizable dielectric constant for optimal antenna design. Thanks to the lightweight and injection mouldable material, the antenna is now also lighter and easy to mass-produce.  Hundreds of happy customers and even more to come –  PREPERM is happy to be a part of this success story!

Customer cases

Safety with Snowave | Microwave Radar

Premix and Pavia University have collaborated on manufacturing a 3D printed antenna for an innovative microwave radar, predicting snowpack stability.

Ultra-low Loss PREPERM® Guarantees Precise Measurement in Weather Station | Lenses | Radars

German weather sensor technology company Lufft uses PREPERM® in its radar rain sensor, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement of precipitation quantity.

Revolutionary SimImage™ security scanner relies on the world’s best dielectric material

The global need for monitoring and ensuring people’s safety has created a growing demand for fast and accurate security scanning. To meet this demand, Xin Ying Science and Technology and Premix proudly present the SIMImage security scanner.

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