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- Business Development Director Tuomas Kiikka

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Our story

Premix knows functional plastics

PREPERM® is a registered trademark of Premix. Premix was one of the first companies entering the market of electrically conductive plastics in early 1980’s and is now the world’s leading specialist in the area.

Today, we are global forerunners also in the field of innovative RF materials and solutions. During the past years we have built up a leading position with our thermoplastic ultra-low loss PREPERM® material.


PREPERM® Material has unique properties

"PREPERM® retains its excellent dielectric performance and ultra-low dielectric losses even at very high frequencies. So unlike conventional RF materials like glass fiber filled thermosets, PREPERM®’s losses stay at very low level even at millimeter wave frequencies."

-  Dr. Jan Järveläinen

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PREPERM® is a sustainable choice

Products' life-cycle and environmental footprint are important factors designers have to consider in their work. PREPERM® may help to design more sustainable products. Now the benefits of thermoplastic materials are available also for the applications traditionally produced from ceramics or thermoset plastic materials. PREPERM® enables also energy savings due to ultra-low loss, and therefore lower power consumption.

Weight reduction through lower density

Lower loss equals lower energy consumption

RoHS and REACH compliant, halogen and heavy metal free


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