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"Our passion is to make materials that really matter
– the ones that really make a difference in customers' products or processes."

- Business Development Director Tuomas Kiikka

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Our story

Premix knows functional plastics

PREPERM® is a registered trademark of Premix. Premix was one of the first companies entering the market of electrically conductive plastics in early 1980’s and is now the world’s leading specialist in the area.

Today, we are global forerunners also in the field of innovative high frequency plastics and solutions. During the past years we have built up a leading position with our thermoplastic ultra-low loss PREPERM® material.


Innovations and innovators

Premix is always one step ahead

Solid material modification know-how combined with high-frequency expertise is our strength. We believe in close partnerships with customers, strong application and product development-know how as well as innovative and reliable product concepts.

We are actively participating in many projects in cooperation with universities and research institutes to enhance our own development work. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, Premix always has the latest knowledge at hand.

We are enthusiastic about developing ourselves and the whole industry further. We like to create and be part of innovative networks. Would you like to co-operate with our team of experts? Contact us and the next success story might be yours!

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