Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics

Materials that matter

Premix Oy is a European market leader and global forerunner both in electrically conductive plastics and RF materials. Our tailored material solutions control static electricity or enable fast wireless data transfer in various industries such as automotive, electronics, diagnostics, healthcare & wellbeing and wireless communication.

Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics. That’s our purpose – plain and simple.

The story begun in early 1980’s: Premix was one of the first companies entering the market of electrically conductive plastics. Today, we are the world’s leading specialist in that area. Our electrically conductive plastics are key materials in in vitro diagnostics ensuring precise measurement. They ensure safety in Ex environments and protect sensitive components from breakages caused by uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. This is how we help to create a safe society with electrically conductive plastics, to name a few of our solutions.

Today, we operate also in the field of RF materials. By combining our strong, long-term plastic material expertise with antenna and high-frequency know-how, we have built a leading position in that area, too. Our ultra-low loss PREPERM® materials provide solutions for tomorrow’s mmWave frequency demands. Isotropic and consistent materials are designed for antennas, radomes, radars and other RF parts.

PREPERM® material is used for example in automotive radars to gain the extra second that can save lives. When it comes to ultra-connected society, we are involved in countless game-changers like 5G and autonomous driving. We ride the waves of tech innovations and constantly aim higher. We eagerly look for new challenges and solve them together with our customers. This is how we create materials that matter.

We offer just one product. A solution.

Generating this solution is our job. The Premix way of working is based on strong dedication to the customers: We share the targets, but the challenge is ours.

Who are we?

We are a family-owned company with extensive experience in functional plastics. Our history dates back to the 1980's. The founder of our company, Mr. Antti Kiikka, sits in the Premix Board and his daughter, Mrs. Hanna Ristola now runs the company. Hanna's brother Mr. Tuomas Kiikka is the head of our RF Materials business unit. In a family-run company the decision-making and processes are agile, without any needless bureaucracy or hierarchy. Our vision is to be the global market leader in the chosen segments and the most innovative company in our field of business.

Where are we located?

We think and operate globally but with a strong local presence. The Premix Headquarters and production facilities are based in Rajamäki, Finland. We have sales offices in Schafflund, Germany and Shanghai, China. In addition, we have two joint ventures in China - Samix Polymers and Nanjing Jinling Opta Polymer. You can meet our people almost anywhere in the world. Our distributor network currently covers over 30 countries.

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