PREPERM® is at your service! From idea to mass production

By teaming up with PREPERM® in your product design and production process, you’ll benefit from faster material verification, shorter time-to-market and cost efficient mass production.

Our solid expertise on RF materials is built on RF engineering and polymer modification know-how as well as understanding different plastic processing methods. PREPERM® and our collaboration network from RF designers and proto-houses to plastic converters will guarantee you a smooth ride all the way from your idea to mass production.




Free your design mind with PREPERM®

PREPERM® materials take the design freedom to a new level. As PREPERM®is a versatile material the production of complex 3D shapes and sizes from  is easy and fast. Realization of design is no longer bound on material properties, like with traditional RF materials, ceramics and thermosets. We also offers customized, design specific material solutions with finetuned mechanical and dielectric properties.


Easy and fast prototyping

The speed is of an essence in prototyping and concept verification. To support RF modeling and simulation we provide extensive dielectric and mechanical data of PREPERM®. Just choose the most convenient way of testing and order your stock shapes, components and 3D filaments online. We can also provide you with high quality ready-made parts thanks to our partner network.


Let's realize your product concept together!

Now that your concept has been validated at prototype level, take a moment to consider the procurement process of your RF components. PREPERM® is available in different forms from raw material all the way to customized RF components; e.g. screws, sheets and structural parts. This is the moment to decide whether you want to manage the manufacturing process and subcontractor network yourself or maybe you bypass this step by sourcing your RF components as a PREPERM® turnkey solution.

Whatever your decision will be we will provide the support for product and process design as well as for field and market tests.


Cost-effective mass production

Thermoplastic PREPERM® materials are easily processed with conventional plastics processing methods; injection moulding and extrusion. Production of thermoplastic RF components will therefore be remarkably faster and cost-effective compared to RF parts made out of ceramics or thermoset materials.

During the start-up of the production PREPERM® engineers will be working by your side in order to reach the optimized processing parameters and output. Our technical support is at your disposal throughout the whole life-cycle of the product.


PREPERM® is a sustainable choice

Products' life-cycle and environmental footprint are important factors designers have to consider in their work. PREPERM® may help to design more sustainable products. Now the benefits of thermoplastic materials are available also for the applications traditionally produced from ceramics or thermoset plastic materials. PREPERM® enables also energy savings due to ultra-low loss, and therefore lower power consumption.

Weight reduction through lower density

Lower loss equals lower energy consumption

RoHS and REACH compliant, halogen and heavy metal free


Prototyping in Real Life

When an RF Designer is looking at an RF simulation on the computer screen, much has been made already but it’s still only a halfway through the actual product. In a fast-paced world the cycle time from development to market needs to be short. It may be an underestimate to call hard work a walk in the park, but with the right kind of help the journey can at least be easier.

Check out our blog to find more about the PREPERM way of working!