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A new era of RF materials

Thermoplastic PREPERM® materials boost antenna efficiency. Proven dielectric performance and ultra-low loss also for mmWave frequencies.

Ultra-low loss and dielectric stability

Miniaturization and 3D designs

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing and stock shapes

Cost-efficient mass production

Raw Materials

Proven dielectric performance and ultra low losses up to 220 GHz.

New from PREPERM®: High temperature grades with outstanding thermal stability.

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Stock shapes for machining, components and filaments for rapid 3D prototyping.


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Manufacturing and prototyping according to your specifications.


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What happens when two RF designers with different mindsets start working on a challenge? See how PREPERM® high frequency material can help you realize your vision!

Check out the battle between Mr. Premix and Mr. Technix.

“PREPERM® is THE high frequency material for highest quality antennas. Premix listened to our wishes and offered us a tailored solution with exactly the kind of properties we needed.”
- R&D Director of an antenna technology company

”PREPERM®’s outstanding dielectric performance and exceptionally low losses improved significantly the image quality in our 3rd generation visual imager. The extruded PREPERM® sheet with customized dielectric properties matched exactly to our specification.”
- R&D Director of a visual imaging company

“We are as excited about plastics as one could be”
- A customer in aerospace industry


Customized best-fit solutions

We want to make your prototyping and testing as easy as it can get. The same applies to ramp-up and production.

Time is money in development process. Today we do not only tailor PREPERM®
high frequency materials but offer them also in the shape and form our customer desires.

We supply the parts in the desired form from stock shapes to metallized antenna constructions. Both for rapid prototyping and production.

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Ultimate RF performance

PREPERM® materials boost the antenna performance to new levels. They also provide solutions for tomorrow’s mmWave frequency demands. Patented PREPERM® technology gives you a headstart compared to other plastic materials currently used in RF applications.


Consistent antenna performance

Consistency is an outcome of controlled dielectric performance and stable product quality. Homogenous composition makes PREPERM® virtually isotropic.


Highest antenna efficiency

PREPERM® leads to energy savings and better product performance through low dielectric losses – even at mmWave frequencies.


Reliability in extreme weather conditions

Stable dielectric properties even in humid and warm environments. Good mechanical properties also after ageing and in low temperatures.


Looking for replacement for ceramic materials?

Achieve significantly better performance and lower total costs by replacing the plastic currently used in your design.


Take a trip to a third dimension

PREPERM® fits your design – not vice versa. Producing complex 3D shapes has never been easier. From now on the only limits are set by your imagination.


Lower total costs through mass manufacturing

Light-weight plastic materials enable fast and simple production processes. Efficiency leaps equal savings of time and money.

"PREPERM® retains its excellent dielectric performance and ultra-low dielectric losses even at very high frequencies. So unlike conventional materials like glass fiber filled thermosets, PREPERM®’s losses stay at very low level even at millimeter wave frequencies."

-  RF Technology Manager Dr. Jan Järveläinen

Take a moment and see what else RF Technology Manager Dr. Jan Järveläinen shares about PREPERM®'s unique properties.


PREPERM® is a sustainable choice

Products' life-cycle and environmental footprint are important factors designers have to consider in their work. PREPERM® may help to design more sustainable products. Now the benefits of thermoplastic materials are available also for the applications traditionally produced from ceramics or thermoset plastic materials. PREPERM® enables also energy savings due to ultra-low loss, and therefore lower power consumption.

Weight reduction through lower density

Lower loss equals lower energy consumption

RoHS and REACH compliant, halogen and heavy metal free


“PREPERM® is THE high frequency material for highest quality antennas. Premix listened to our wishes and offered us a tailored solution with exactly the kind of properties we needed.”
- R&D Director of an antenna technology company