Curious about the Latest Trends in mmWave and RF? Check Out Our Recap of IMS and IRS Trade Shows!

As an RF material supplier, we are intrigued by any new openings in the industry and eagerly participate in the leading trade shows and conferences to keep up to date. In June, we took part in two exhibitions very different from one another: the gigantic International Microwave Symposium (IMS2019) in USA and the small, yet high quality International Radar Symposium (IRS2019) in Germany, to see the way things stand in the RF world. Here’s our recap of the events, please enjoy!

Pic of a conference in International Radar Symposium in Ulm, 2019

In addition to 600 exhibiting companies, the IMS International Microwave Symposium consists of various conferences and technical seminars on RF and collects over 10,000 visitors annually. Yes, it is about micro- and millimetre-waves but mainly from the perspective of electronics components, which kind of made us – a supplier of dielectric materials and components - the rare bird there.

“For the component searchers, our portfolio of stock shapes raised a feeling of familiarity – talking only about materials could have been too much in this event! We were glad to give the visitors examples of why and how you can use PREPERM® material to build an antenna, for example.


Conference room in International Radar Symposium, Ulm, Germany, 2019
International Radar Symposium, Ulm, Germany, 2019

From the sunny Boston we moved on to an even hotter (+35 °C) Ulm, Germany. The International Radar Symposium has belonged to our trade show calendar for the past 3 years, and for a good reason. It aims to provide a forum for both academic and industrial professionals in radar from all over the world, combining the theoretical and practical knowledge. Here you can have the best discussions about almost anything that has something to do with radars. Our RF Technology Manager Dr. Jan Järveläinen picked a few interesting topics among the many!

One example of the many things you can do with radars was European Space Agency’s (ESA) presentation on modeling how garbage moves around the oceans, a project making use of space-based radars.

From our point of view, Thursday was the most interesting day in the conference calendar with four sessions on automotive radars and autonomous driving. One of the most relevant topics was the interference between radars. Nowadays, only a minority of the cars have radars, 1-2 pcs/car. In the future, all new cars will be equipped with 8-10 radars, so the interference will be a large issue. Solving this will require a lot from both signal processing and hardware design.

Example of automotive radars

Another related topic was to have radars and driver assistance for electric bikes, since the bike speeds are increasing. This presentation was held by IMST GmbH.  Besides the added safety, this is good news from the sustainability perspective, too.

That’s all folks! Be safe – whether you are driving a car or bike! And in case you are looking for an extra read in your summer reading list, please have a look at our other blog posts, for example the one we wrote about life-long learning.


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