Second Phase of LuxTurrim5G Project Kicked off – Premix involved as RF Material Expert

October 25, 2019

The LuxTurrim5G+ Project Consortium is building key enablers for future smart cities, where the digital backbone consists of fast 5G networks integrated in smart light poles. The aim is to further develop the 5G smart pole including 5G base stations, weather and air quality sensors, video cameras, displays and other devices to light poles. Also the services are given well-deserved focus.

After a successful proof-of-concept development phase the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem will now move on to the next level. The second phase was kicked off at the beginning of September. This phase consists of two highly interlinked projects (LuxTurrim5G+ and Neutral Host Pilot) and brings together over 100 key experts of 26 partner organizations in active joint development. A key target of LuxTurrim5G+ is now to prepare the smart pole concept for productization and wider pilot implementations both in Finland and globally.

Premix is happy to continue in the project offering its expertise within the RF material field.

- Premix’s PREPERM® antenna materials have been developed to minimize signal losses and increase reliability. We are eager to combine our expertise with other partner companies to make smart cities a reality, says RF Technology Manager, Dr. Jan Järveläinen, who represents Premix in the LuxTurrim5G project.

Please see the entire Press Release.

Main contacts:
Markku Heino, Spinverse, markku.heino(at), LuxTurrim5G Ecosystem leader
Joni Turunen, Spinverse, LuxTurrim5G+ Project Manager
Pekka Wainio, Nokia Bell Labs, pekka.wainio(at), LuxTurrim5G+ Project Leader

Premix contact:
Jan Järveläinen, RF Technology Manager
+358 50 339 8844

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