PREPERM® Tackles 5G Energy Efficiency Challenges With New Materials in LuxTurrim5G Project

May 5, 2020

PREPERM material for LuxTurrim5G projectPREPERM® joined the first LuxTurrim5G project in 2017 with the aim of developing new materials for 5G antenna covers, also known as radomes. Now we are happy to continue in the second phase, aiming to further develop the 5G smart pole including 5G base stations, weather and air quality sensors, video cameras, displays, and other devices to light poles.

During the course of the LuxTurrim5G project, PREPERM® developed and launched a totally new series of materials dedicated to high-frequency radomes. This development had also clear synergies to another segment needing materials with better signal penetration characteristics – automotive radars – which also work in the millimeter-wave range to enable high resolution in for instance adaptive cruise control.

In the current, second phase project LuxTurrim5G+, PREPERM® continues to improve radome materials and processing techniques together with Nokia, Aalto University, VTT, and Tampere University. The aim is to develop and manufacture radomes, which enable base stations to cover a very wide angle – and minimize the infrastructure needed. A concrete outcome of the project are radomes, which PREPERM® has manufactured for radars in the Kera area. The radars have already been installed in the new LuxTurrim5G smart poles for traffic monitoring and control.

PREPERM® was presented in the LuxTurrim "Partner in Spotlight" series. Please read the full story and learn more about this intriguing project!

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