EDI CON 2018 – Electronic Design Innovation Conference

EDI CON China celebrates electronic design innovation, bringing together RF, microwave, EMC/EMI, and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators for networking, training, and learning opportunities.

Attendees come to EDI CON to find solutions, products, and design ideas that they can put into immediate practice for today's communication, defense, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical industries.

EDI CON China 2018

20.03.2018 - 22.03.2018

Beijing, China

Premix staff at the event:

Xisheng Cong


PREPERM® 3D filaments nominated as finalist in Edicon Innovation Awards!

Winner will be announced at the exhibition on Tue March 20th 

The first EDI CON Innovation Awards were open to all exhibitors. A panel made up of Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal editors and EDI CON advisory board members determined the 15 finalists and will select the winners.

Premix was selected as a finalist in Materials, PCBs and Packaging category with its unique 3D printing filament portfolio consisting of ABS filaments whose dielectric constant is tailored between 3 and 10. The relatively low dissipation factor 0.004 enables rapid prototyping of complex geometries.

3D printing is a one-step process which significantly simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces material waste. Furthermore, 3D printing can create perforated structures that are difficult to achieve by machining due to the mechanical strength of the material.

Stop by at our booth #628 and come see for yourself! 

Please read more about the Edicon Innovation Awards in the Microwave Journal!


Meet us

Xisheng Cong

Sales Manager, B.Sc (electronic material), M.Sc (optical fiber communication), MBA (project management and marketing)
I have a long working experience in a global telecommunications company. Understanding cultural differences is one of my strengths.  I am constantly searching for new business opportunities for high frequency material  and always willing to take up new challenges. My passion is to develop the optimal solution together with the customers - which makes them happy and satisfied!