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We offer manufacturing and prototyping services through our collaboration network according to your specifications.

Let's make your prototyping and testing as easy as it can get. The same applies to ramp-up and production.

Prototyping services

Are you in the early stages of your product? We help you to create prototypes to make informed product decisions!  

Our concept of business is exceptional - offering you help from idea to mass production with a short time-to-market. See how it works and let's start co-operating!


Premix is your one-stop-shop in prototyping with guaranteed material and mechanical properties

Injection molding

PREPERM materials are suitable for use with all the most common processing methods, including injection molding. With injection molding, considerable cost savings can be achieved in large volume production. To read more about the processability, detailed molding parameters, etc. please check our products!

Through our supply chain, we can also offer ready-made PREPERM parts and components based on the customers' specs.



Painted parts

When visual appearance matters, painting puts the finishing touch to the part.

Painting is also an excellent way to improve the UV resistance of products in outdoor applications.

We will assist you with all the questions related to painting of PREPERM™ products. We can also connect you with top-notch painting service providers.

White, blue and black sheets made of dielectric PREPERM material

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