Raw materials

PREPERM™ plastics equal proven dielectric performance and ultra-low losses up to 220 GHz.

Ultimate RF performance

Patented PREPERM materials boost the performance of antennas and other RF components to new levels. They also provide solutions for tomorrow’s mmWave frequency demands. Our PREPERM™ portfolio includes a wide range of materials to match the requirements of your application.



PREPERM Standard Grades

The standard PREPERM™ grades cover a wide range of dielectric constants, and they can be both injection molded and machined easily. These grades have very stable dielectric performance and low losses.

Dielectric constant Loss tangent
2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz 2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz
PPE260 2.60 2.60 2.58 0.0009 0.0022 0.0025
PPE300 3.00 3.00 2.99 0.0009 0.0022 0.0025
PPE320 3.20 3.20 3.19 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE350 3.50 3.50 3.49 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE400 4.00 4.00 3.99 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE440 4.40 4.40 4.40 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE500 5.00 5.00 4.99 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE650 6.50 6.49 6.49 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE800 8.00 7.97 7.97 0.0009 0.0024 0.0026
PPE950 9.50 9.52 9.53 0.0009 0.0020 0.0025
PPE1200 12.0 12.0 11.9 0.0010 0.0025 0.0030


Standard Grades available in colours, too

The standard PREPERM grades cover a wide range of dielectric constants. Often, you need to have more than one Dk in a product. To make it easier to separate different dielectric constants from one another, we offer a full range of coloured granules, one colour for each Dk.

Coloured or not, you can rely on the same, proven quality you have come to expect of us. Colouring does not have a significant effect on any of the material product properties. Coloured grades are available on request. Please contact our Sales for more information and add some colour to your life!


Grade Dielectric constant Loss tangent Color
PPE300COL 3.0 0.0010 Yellow
PPE320COL 3.2 0.0011 Pink
PPE350COL 3.5 0.0010 Blue
PPE400COL 4.0 0.0010 Peach
PPE440COL 4.4 0.0010 Green
PPE500COL 5.0 0.0010 Purple
PPE650COL 6.5 0.0010 Grey
PPE800COL 8.0 0.0010 Light pink
PPE950COL 9.5 0.0010 Light blue
PPE1200COL 12 0.0011 Lilac

New A-series for improved adhesion to many types of materials

Do you need improved adhesion in e.g. metallization, coating or 2K injection molding? A-series is the solution for this. The same performance as the standard series but with improved adhesion. Please contact our Sales for more information. A-series grades are available on request.



Grade Dielectric constant Loss tangent
RS260A 2.6 0.0010
PPE300A 3.0 0.0010
PPE320A 3.2 0.0010
PPE350A 3.5 0.0010
PPE400A 4.0 0.0011
PPE440A 4.4 0.0010
PPE500A 5.0 0.0011
PPE650A 6.5 0.0011
PPE800A 8.0 0.0011
PPE950A 9.5 0.0012

PREPERM fire retardant grades meet challenging demands

The flame retardant grades cover dielectric constants from 2.65 to 12 and have a V0 or V1 UL94 rating. They are well suited for example for airplane wi-fi, as well as various applications within the telecom and automotive industries. Flame retardancy is a must in many of these applications because fires generated from e.g. overheating of equipment can have catastrophic consequences.

PREPERM™ FR grades have similar advantages as the standard series. They are easy to process, and they have good mechanical properties and thermal stability. Our grades are also ROHS compliant.

PREPERM FR series is now available in granules. If you prefer it in some other shape, please feel free to contact us with your request!

Dielectric constant Loss tangent UL94 Flammability
2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 3 mm
PPE400FR 4.0 0.0030 V0
PPE700FR 7.0 0.0039 V0
PPE950FR 9.5 0.0042 V1
PPE1200FR 12 0.0045 V1


PREPERM Radome Grades

PREPERM™ radome grades are designed to have excellent RF performance combined with high impact strength and moldability. They are available in black (RB) and sand (RS) colors, with different special properties for example flame retardancy (FR).

Dielectric constant Loss tangent
2.4 GHz 28 GHz 79 GHz 2.4 GHz 28 GHz 79 GHz
RS260 2.58 2.54 2.57 0.0009 0.0020 0.0027
RB260 2.61 2.56 2.59 0.0010 0.0020 0.0027
RS265FR 2.65 2.65 2.65 0.0032 0.0035 0.0036

PREPERM High Permittivity Series

H-series is based on a different filler but the same plastic technology as the Standard series and it provides very high permittivity up to 23.

Dielectric constant Loss tangent
2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz 2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz
H1500HF 15 0.0010
H2300HF 23 0.0037

PREPERM High Temperature Grades

There are two different PREPERM™ high-temperature series called PRERERM™ PEEK and PREPERM™ LCP. Both series have high ɛr combined with low dissipation factor, outstanding thermal stability, excellent mechanical properties, and chemical resistance and inherent flame retardancy. Where PEEK is often used in applications like aviation, structural parts and to replace ceramics, LCP’s best advantage high flowability in thin parts like mobile communication.

Dielectric constant Loss tangent
2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz 2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz
PEEK700 7.0 0.0024
PEEK900 9.0 0.0025
PEEK1000 10 0.0024
PEEK1200 12 0.0027
LCP650 6.5 0.0043
LCP800 8.0 0.0045
LCP950 9.5 0.0047

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PREPERM Flexible Grades

Flex-series materials have high elongation at break. They are typically used in films, sheet, filaments or applications that need extensive bending.

Dielectric constant Loss tangent
2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz 2.4 GHz 22 GHz 60 GHz
FLX400 4.0 0.0010
FLX700 7.0 0.0009
FLX1100 11 0.0012

PREPERM Customized

For industrial applications, we can make plastic with a customized dielectric constant according to your wishes, from 2.2 to 23. We can also tune the mechanical, thermal or molding characteristics. Please contact our sales for more information.

Looking for more colour?

To make the installation work easier for you, PREPERM is also available in colours. Ask us for more information!

White, blue and black sheets made of dielectric PREPERM material

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