PREPERM™ RF-materials are available in different shapes and sizes. Login to our technical center for product information and processing instructions.

PREPERM™ Stock shapes

PREPERM™ stock shapes are designed to be used for machining and prototyping. They are available as sheets and rods of different dimensions, from small plaques to a diameter of 50 mm.

Standard sheet dimensions

Length [mm] Width [mm] Thickness [mm]
60 60 2
100 100 3
300 150 3
400 300 6
400 300 12
400 320 40

Standard rod dimensions

Length [mm] Diameter [mm]
1000 10
1000 15
1000 20
1000 30
1000 30
500 50

PREPERM™ Components



PREPERM™ screws

Extremely low losses, very low water absorption and good temperature resistance. Combining these properties with cost-efficiency makes PREPERM™ screws, nuts and washers a very competitive alternative to PEI.

PREPERM components can be used in RF filters, RF combiners, antennas, or wherever you need low-loss dielectric fasteners.




PREPERM™ PEEK screws combine excellent RF properties, very good mechanical performance and outstanding thermal stability. This makes PREPERM™ PEEK screws a very competitive solution for applications where mechanical strength and thermal stability are valued.



Screw dimensions

drive size
Recommended torsional torque [N*m]
PPE-M3x8-2-T10 M3 8 5.5 2 1 T10 0.15-0.2
PPE-M3x8-3-T10 M3 8 5.5 3 1.4 T10 0.15-0.2
PPE-M3x10-3-T10 M3 10 5.5 3 1.4 T10 0.15-0.2
PPE-M3x12-3-T10 M3 12 5.5 3 1.4 T10 0.15-0.2
PPE-M4x12-4-T10 M4 12 7.0 4 1.7 T10 0.3-0.4
PPE-M4x14-4-T10 M4 14 7.0 4 1.7 T10 0.3-0.4
PEEK-M3x8-2-T10 M3 8 5.5 2 1 T10 0.3 – 0.4
PEEK-M3x10-2-T10 M3 10 5.5 2 1 T10 0.3 – 0.4
Male thread tolerance range 6 g

Nut dimensions

m [mm] s [mm] Recommended torsional torque [N·m]
PPE-M3x2.3-Nut M3 2.3 5.5 0.2
PPE-M4x3.0-Nut M4 3.0 7.0 0.3
Female thread tolerance range 6H

Washer dimensions

PPE-3x6x1.0-Washer 3.1 6.1 1.0
PPE-3x6x1.5-Washer 3.1 6.1 1.5
PPE-4x9x1.5-Washer 4.2 9.0 1.5



PREPERM™ Filaments for 3D printing

Traditionally, prototyping has been carried out by mechanical machining. However, this is a slow manufacturing method which generates material waste. 3D printing technology significantly simplifies the manufacturing process and can generate complex perforated structures that are difficult to achieve by any other technology.

PREPERM™ 3D filaments take you a step further with optimized dielectric properties - they are designed for rapid prototyping when you want to validate a new concept. The dielectric constant of our filaments ranges from 3 up to 12. They are ABS-based and can be printed with conventional FDM printers. The PREPERM™ 3D filaments come in 750 g or 1500 g spools with a dimension of 1.75 mm.


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