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PREPERM® RF-materials are available in different shapes and sizes. Login to Premix technical centre for product information and processing instructions from PREPERM® materials.

PREPERM® Plaques

Injection molded PREPERM® plaques are practical for material analysis and characterization. They are also suitable for small-scale prototyping by machining.

Thickness [mm] Length [mm] x Width [mm]
2 60 x 60
3 100 x 100
3 300 x 150


PREPERM® extruded sheets are available up to a thickness of 40 mm. They are designed to be used for machining and prototyping.

Thickness [mm] Length [mm] x Width [mm]
6 400 x 300
10 400 x 300
12 400 x 300
40 400 x 320




PREPERM® extruded rods can be found in diameters from 6 to 50 mm. They are designed to be used for machining and prototyping.

Diameter [mm] Length [mm] 
6 1000
10 1000
50 500

PREFLEX® Flexible Films

Dimensions: Width minimum 250 mm

Available in:

  • Natural film
  • Metallized 1-side
  • Metallized 2-sides
 Product ɛr Dissipation factor
PREFLEX 255 2.55 0.0005
PREFLEX 1100 11.0 0.002

PREPERM® Filaments for 3D printing

PREPERM® 3D filaments are good for quick prototyping when you want to validate a new concept. The ABS-based filaments can be printed with conventional FDM printers. The 3D filaments come in 750 g spools.

Ø 1,75mm

Product ɛr Dissipation factor
PREPERM® 3D ABS300 3.0 0.004
PREPERM® 3D ABS400 4.0 0.004
PREPERM® 3D ABS450 4,5 0.004
PREPERM® 3D ABS550 5,5 0.004
PREPERM® 3D ABS650 6,5 0.004
PREPERM® 3D ABS750 7.5 0.004
PREPERM® 3D ABS1000 10.0 0.004

PREPERM® 3D Filaments nominated as finalist in Edicon Innovation Awards!

In EDI CON 2018 Innovation Awards, Premix was selected as a finalist in Materials, PCBs and Packaging category with its unique 3D printing filament portfolio consisting of ABS filaments whose dielectric constant is tailored between 3 and 10. Please read more about the  Awards in the Microwave Journal!

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