Ultra-low loss PREPERM® guarantees precise measurement in weather station

PREPERM® is the optimal choice for lenses due to ultra low losses and tailored dielectric properties

Precise weather measurement

German weather sensor technology company Lufft’s WS100 is an easy to use radar rain sensor. It delivers reliable data on precipitation quantity and is a perfect fit for

  • Weather observation for road and traffic control systems
  • PV-Monitoring / Solar Monitoring on photovoltaic farms
  • Hydro-meteorological stations
  • Weather observation for building automation

With Premix’s PREPERM® Lufft's  weather sensoring technology is "water-proof"

PREPERM® is the optimal solution for weather station’s radar technology thanks to ultra-low losses and controlled and stable dielectric constant level. The PREPERM® lens narrows the antenna beam optimally and thus the measurement of precipitation quantity is accurate and reliable.

Benefits of PREPERM®

  • Ultra-low losses
  • Tailored dielectric properties
  • Flexibility in design and manufacturing
  • Minimal water absorption
  • Consistent high quality

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